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In addition to dancer and contact information, you can upload to us
  • A behavioural plan
  • A seizure plan
  • A recent photo of the dancer
  • The dancer's My Vaccination Pass (or a picture of it), so we can pre-verify them.
Please have these documents handy, if appropriate. They can be uploaded below.
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Can Jolt use images or video taken from activities that include this dancer to help to support and promote our mahi?
Is there any other information we may need to know (need for one-on-one support, allergies, medication or behavioural issues)?

Behavioural plan

(optional) - If appropriate, please provide a behavioural plan document

Seizure plan

(optional) - If appropriate, please provide a seizure plan document


(optional) - you can help our tutors get to know the dancer by supplying a photo

Covid Vaccination Pass

(optional) - You can help us by uploading the dancer's vaccination pass here. We will pre-verify and delete it. You can upload the original PDF file or take a picture or screenshot of your pass and upload that. Make sure the picture/screenshot shows the dancer's date of birth and the expiration date of the pass.

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